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Harvard University Moving Closer To Kidney Repair & Regeneration To Eliminate Dialysis For CKD P

Many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients are eager to see progress from groundbreaking research which could offer them the opportunity to repair, regenerate or potentially create a functioning new kidney in order to eliminate the need for Dialysis Treatments. While great progress continues to be reported, researchers at Harvard University have suggested that they figured out how to move Kidney Repair and Rejuvenation to the next level.

Researchers at Harvard University have invented a method of bio-printing complex kidney tissue that consists of human stem cells with a potential real-life application. To be more specific, the team from Harvard’s School Of Engineering And Applied Sciences is now printing functional Kidney Proximal Tubules (critical for kidneys to provide fluid, electrolyte, and nutrient balance). These kidney filters could be implanted into Chronic Kidney Disease patients who are suffering from Kidney Failure so they would no longer need Dialysis or even be used to create new kidneys.

According to Researchers, lab tests show that the engineered kidneys demonstrate very good function to a degree that has not been achieved before. Hence, unlike earlier experiments, this is not only a structural creation but could also potentially be a functional kidney. Developing functional kidneys would cut the Kidney Transplant Waiting List drastically and, maybe some day, even entirely.

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