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March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

Every March, Kidney Cancer Awareness Month helps to raise awareness, and educates the public that our kidneys play an essential role in our overall health. While many people remain at risk for developing kidney cancer during their lifetime, most are not aware that they may be vulnerable. To raise awareness of kidney cancer and the need for a cure, KCA is launching a series of campaigns this March, starting with #OrangeMarch. KCA is urging supporters to wear kidney cancer awareness items, including orange ribbons – the official color of KCA. You can now visit to order your FREE Awareness Gear.

If your birthday is in March, instead of asking your friends and family to get you a birthday gift, ask them instead to donate to your #BdayFundrasier on Facebook to support our efforts. Help your friends at the Kidney Cancer Association to spread awareness of kidney cancer on March 8, World Kidney Day, by using hashtag #WKD18 on your social media posts and join our Live global webchat on Facebook.

March is also the World Kidney Cancer Remembrance Month – and we invite you to upload photos of your loved ones, including those who have survived renal cancers, family and friends, and those who whose memory we honor in this month-long worldwide celebration of life and remembrance. You can also help us raise awareness of kidney cancer by joining and sharing with Kidney Cancer Answers online.

Join us in the fight against kidney cancer this Kidney Cancer Awareness Month. Learn more and find resources at

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