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Over the Ocean and to the Links:
A Golfer's Journey

Over the Ocean and to the Links: A Golfer's Journey" is a hilarious story of a simple man that blows his minuscule IRA to play some of the world's famous golf courses in the home of Golf, Scotland.  Stubborn as Jeff is, he knew he could do better than the "golf tours" offered by many companies. As a result, the book is a tee by tee description of Jeff's trip from deciding which courses to play, how much he wanted to spend, the trials of driving on the wrong side of the road, and the simple beauty of Scotland. 

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A Look Into Changing Marketing Concepts in a Computer Mediated Environment

The Internet has become a significant business tool for companies and organizations in different fields alike. With qualities that make it an interesting instrument for marketing at fixed nearly costs in large quantities, while at the same time allowing for interactive communication between participants. The Internet is in many ways different from other media. Sociability and hypertext linking free consumers to

move, at will, among the web’s hundreds of millions of web sites. This freedom has changed the marketing paradigm in favor of the consumer. Since the consumer has chosen to visit a particular company Web site, a change from hard-sell advertising to less intrusive pull-marketing has become necessary. Internet marketing concepts are still somewhat disintegrated due to the ever- changing newness of the discipline. Because a whole field of special application research has opened, it was necessary to further develop the conceptual foundations. A whole variety of good conceptual work already existed, but this material has not been put together cohesively. In this book a large quantity of previous conceptual analysis' is brought together. In the light of changing concepts and a seven-fold marketing environment frame of reference, the Internet is looked at as a medium, a market and a marketing tool that business and marketers can capitalize upon.


For the many readers who love The Fault in Our Stars, this is the story of a man who is determined to live, love, and to touch as many people as possible before his time is finally up.

After being diagnosed with Stage-3 metastatic renal cell carcinoma and fighting back after endless tests, almost twenty surgeries, 70+ days in the hospital, losing both kidney, losing 85% of his sight and a life on dialysis, the author compiles a list. It’s his "To Do Before I Die" list. And number one is "Live".


Released from the constraints of “normal” life, The author describes the highs and lows he experiences while his failing body and mind struggles to keep

up. The author’s feelings, his relationships with his family, friends and his religion, his merry-go-round with medical professionals and institutions, his loss of and re-found love of scripture, and his deep battle with depression, are all painfully crystallized in this novel of a man finding his way to live his life to the fullest for himself, his wife, his son, his family, and to make life better for others suffering from a terminal illness.

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