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Dialysis PATIENTS Act Continues to Gain Momentum

Support for H.R. 4143/S. 2065 – The Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act – continues to grow! It now has over 150 bipartisan supporters from the House and Senate and received two more great endorsements last week!

Former Senators Dr. Bill Frist and Tom Daschle, former Republican and Democratic leaders and current co-chairs of the Bipartisan Policy Center healthcare task force, wrote a letter to Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committee in support of the bill. In it they said, “The PATIENTS Act represents the next step towards the broad adoption of value-based care in our country, and poses significant potential to deliver better care, better outcomes, and reduce the burden on our health care system…For the benefit of dialysis patients much in need of integrated care, and for the benefit of a health system much in need of reform, we urge you to pass the PATIENTS Act this year.”

Also last week, The PATIENTS Act received the endorsement of the Renal Physicians Association which represents over 3,500 nephrology practitioners across the country. These are in addition to having been endorsed by U.S. Renal, Satellite Health Care, American Renal Associates, the National Hispanic Medical Association, Davita, and Fresenius.

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